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re: CLOSED - App: cptpwn - by Flóyd


Hey man thanks for taking an interest in our guild. But unfortunately we have decided that we will no longer be raiding. good luck out there!



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re: App: cptpwn

The application submitted by cptpwn is as follows:

Name : cptpwn
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Area 52
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Undead
Class : Mage
Spec 1 : Fire
Spec 2 : Frost

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

In-Game Professions:

Personal Info: Name, Age, Gender:
25 years old, Male

Time Zone:
-6 GMT w/o DST

Profession (IRL) / Real Life Interference?:
Occasional (once every 2 months or so) metal shows

Internet Connection (Quality / Speed)
25mbps, lag has never been an issue

Battle tag or real ID :

I am able to communicate using Discord. (and understand verbal instructions in English):

I am willing and capable of abiding by the guild's attendance policies, including willingness and ability to send some form of communication if something interferes with my ability to attend a raid I am scheduled to attend.:

What (recent) raid experience do you have? Any progression-level raiding?:
Went 5/13m HFC and currently 2/7m EN. I am primarily interested in progression-level raiding. Not looking to just join a guild and be carried through content after they've already learned it and done it all. Now, i realize I'm 2/7 applying for a 7/7 guild and what I just said may contradict with that, however I am applying moreso for Nighthold progression as I am not at all happy with my current progression.

Link to recent Logs. Note: Failing to supply logs for an application to the progression team will result in a automatic decline.:

Screenshot of UI in a raiding environment :

List of addons that you use in raid. ex. Deadly Boss Mods, Weakauras, Bigwigs etc.:
Deadly Boss Mods, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakauras. I've always been a minimalist when it comes to UI customization (as you can see from my SS), however lately i've been getting more into Weakauras to help me line up my cooldowns properly, as that is currently my weak point in maximizing my DPS output

Do you have raid ready alt? If yes, please link your alt’s armory.:
Depends on your definition of "raid ready" XD. I've never had the need to raid on an alt as my guild doesn't do split runs and always preferred to focus on my main, however i do have a fury warrior I use for herbing at 848 that i could gear up in time for NH if you guys do do splits. Here's his armoury for you to look and laugh at:

If no, would you be willing to gear and play an alt for split raids and mythic progression if needed? :

Reasons for leaving previous guild.:
It's a combination of being unhappy with the progression and the unwillingness of the leadership to do anything to change it. I really hate guild hopping and it takes a lot to get me to go, if it was one or the other I'd be fine, but at this point I feel I'm in a guild that has very little to no chance of going 10/10m Nighthold due to pride/stubbornness taking precedence over progression. In addition, all our best raiders keep leaving, all citing the same concerns whilst leadership thinks there isn't anything wrong :/

What are you looking for out of WMBR? Specifically, why apply to WMBR and not another raiding guild?:
Some serious progression and a solid team environment where people listen to each other to achieve the common goal of clearing mythic content. I applied to this guild cause I read through your website, checked out your progression and you seem very like minded to me. Now, of course there were a few guilds like that but you guys fit my schedule perfectly XD

Outside raids, what in-game activities do you enjoy?:
Mythic plus pushing, farming gold for dat spider mount, and achievement hunting.

What sets you apart from other WoW players, makes you unique in personality, play-style or in-game character?:
My high energy and always wanting to push more and more difficult content. I actually have managed to get myself a reputation in my current guild as the guy who always wants to do content, will get to know everyone and will run with everyone...although lately I've grown to dislike that reputation as I feel like I shouldn't stand out for doing that, it should be something more people just do :/

What pet peeves do you have for raiders or WoW players in general?:
Logging on only for raid time then disappearing the rest of the weak, inability to take criticism, being content with where you're at and not always wanting to better yourself, OH and flaky attendance, I'm big on being reliable and it drives me crazy when someone is there one week and gone the next.

Anything else you would like us to know?:
Pretty much the only time i'll be missing a raid is if theres a sweet metal show on a raid night, which where i live is rare XD.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

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