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re: App: iRagekage

The application submitted by iRagekage is as follows:

Name : Holyragekage
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Area 52
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Paladin
Spec 1 : Holy
Spec 2 : Ret

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

In-Game Professions:
Herbs, Inscription

Personal Info: Name, Age, Gender:
Kelsey, 27, Male

Time Zone:

Profession (IRL) / Real Life Interference?:
IT Project Manager

Internet Connection (Quality / Speed)
Google Fiber

Battle tag or real ID :

I am able to communicate using Ventrilo. (and understand verbal instructions in English):

I am willing and capable of abiding by the guild's attendance policies, including willingness and ability to send some form of communication if something interferes with my ability to attend a raid I am scheduled to attend.:

What (recent) raid experience do you have? Any progression-level raiding?:
Currently 4/7M, 2/3H. Can't wait for Nighthold

Link to recent Logs. Note: Failing to supply logs for an application to the progression team will result in a automatic decline.:

Screenshot of UI in a raiding environment :
Ask in-game

List of addons that you use in raid. ex. Deadly Boss Mods, Weakauras, Bigwigs etc.:

Do you have raid ready alt? If yes, please link your alt’s armory.:
ready for heroic Prot warrior

If no, would you be willing to gear and play an alt for split raids and mythic progression if needed? :

Reasons for leaving previous guild.:
Not focused on progression. Spinning their wheels A LOT.

What are you looking for out of WMBR? Specifically, why apply to WMBR and not another raiding guild?:
You've got a good standing. Have shown the ability to down current mythic content. Nearly 500 players on the roster leads me to believe there are usually people on to do M+ when their not raiding.

Outside raids, what in-game activities do you enjoy?:
Love 5man content. I'm currently working on my prot warrior and arcane mage when i'm not running M+ on pall.

What sets you apart from other WoW players, makes you unique in personality, play-style or in-game character?:
Most people don't have the competitive gaming background i do. I've been playing on tournament teams since i was in high school. Otherwise get to know me and decide for yourself.

What pet peeves do you have for raiders or WoW players in general?:
Nit-picking strats that are working but need to be practiced rather than changed. People that don't keep their head in the game/focused on what's happening in front of them.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

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re: DECLINED - App: iRagekage - by Snippee1


Hello my name is Floyd and I am currently the GM and Raid Leader of We Might Be Raiders. First off I would like to thank you for taking an interest in our guild. I would also like to inform you that we have very high expectations for our tanks and healers so in order for us to make sure that you would make a good addition to our roster I am going to ask you a few more detailed questions. Please take your time with these questions and be as detailed as possible.


#1, What do you think your job as a holy paladin is in raids? What do you think you pay the most attention to?


#2, How often do you communicate with your other healers? And when you do communicate what do you normally talk about?


#3, What tools and resources do you you use when researching your class/role? Do you often review your own logs or compare your logs to other paladins in other guilds?


#4, Why are you gemming mastery? what website told you that was the right thing to do? Why haven't you considered purchasing a Darkmoon card: Hellfire/promises when they are arguably the best trinkets for holy paladins till mythic TOV/NH 


#5, how much do you value your dps as a healer? do you take advantage of downtime to put up a little extra damage? Do you take advantage of holy paladins incredible burst/dps potential? 


#6, Please post a screen shot of your UI, normally when a job application ask you for something you don't tell them ask me later, please take this application seriously if you want us to take you seriously. 


After you answer these questions we will evaluate your answers then we will reach out to you about scheduling a vent interview. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this post.

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